What I am looking for now

My deepest motivation is to build software that save time and energy or has a meaningful impact on someone else's life.

I am currently most interested in recent work around LLM's, massaging insights out of big data, or any company that is working to solve the coming climate crisis.

If you found your self here and meet one those criteria, I really want to talk to you.

Current Projects

  • B2.NET - A C# library for interacting with Backblaze's B2 storage service. (C#, .NET)

Past Projects

  • RealTaxCalc - A offline-first mobile ready tax calculator. (ReactJS, Sass, webpack)
  • DevBlog - My development blog. Built with the wintersmith static site generator.
  • Urly Twirly - A file based url shortener that does not require a database. (Python, Flask)
  • deadmanswitch - A simple dead man's swtich built serverless on AWS. (Python, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS dynamo)
  • CHABS - A personal budget tracker similar to (C#, .NET, MVC)
  • TwitterNotification - Simple app to email me recent tweets from certain people I follow.
  • RemindMe - Simple reminder app for getting me up from my desk sometimes.
  • CouchDbReplicator - Simple NodeJS app for replicating or backing up a CouchDb instance using its REST API.