A Little About Me

Computers have always called to me, I have been tinkering with them my whole life. I have always been facinated with technology and how it is leveraged to make life easier and better.

Building programs that save time and energy or have a meaningful impact on someone else's life are what I strive to create.

Current Projects

  • RealTaxCalc - A offline-first mobile ready tax calculator. (ReactJS, Sass, webpack)
  • B2.NET - A C# library for interacting with Backblaze's B2 storage service. (C#, .NET)
  • Urly Twirly - A file based url shortener that does not require a database. (Python, Flask)
  • deadmanswitch - A simple dead man's swtich built serverless on AWS. (Python, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS dynamo)
  • CHABS - A personal budget tracker similar to (C#, .NET, MVC)
  • DevBlog - My development blog. Built with the wintersmith static site generator.

Past Projects

  • TwitterNotification - Simple app to email me recent tweets from certain people I follow.
  • RemindMe - Simple reminder app for getting me up from my desk sometimes.
  • CouchDbReplicator - Simple NodeJS app for replicating or backing up a CouchDb instance using its REST API.