What I am looking for now

My deepest motivation is to build software that save time and energy or has a meaningful impact on someone else's life.

I am currently most interested in recent work around LLM's, massaging insights out of big data, or any company that is working to solve the coming climate crisis.

If you found your self here and meet one those criteria, I really want to talk to you.


My Name is Cory

I am a full stack software engineer

I learn quickly and enjoy tough problems

I love building meaningful software that helps people

I want to leave things better than I found them

I am a technologist and generally curious person

Contact Me Here

(949) 385 - 3998

Orange County, California

A little about me

I've been interested in all things hardware and software my entire life. I believe that software should exist to improve the life experience for humans. I enjoy writing software that does just that; while ensuring that it is readable to my fellow humans, and won't need to be fixed everyday (usually by me).

I am an inherently curious person with an analytical mind, that usually means I can picking thing up quickly and don't need a lot of direction. This has enabled me to accumulate a large base of knowledge across the software stack. Which is an important prerequisite for an effective and efficient full stack developer.